Hot Dogs vs. Other Food Cart Businesses

When you are considering starting a mobile food business, one of the key decisions you have to make concerns choosing hotdogs vs. other food cart businesses. While both types of food vending businesses can have their strong points, leading experts in the food service and vending industry point to hotdogs as the easiest and most cost-effective mobile food business to start. Before you buy any cheap hot dog carts or start perusing quality used hot dog carts for sale, take a few moments to read this guide which evaluates key aspects of the hotdogs vs. other food cart businesses debate.

Food Preparation

sausage_bunsThere isn’t an easier food to prepare than hotdogs. You fire up the propane burner on your quality used hotdog carts, add pre-cooked hotdogs to the water pan and heat them up to the required temperature. Done. Warm your buns in foil bags and they are ready to eat. Offer basic condiments in large containers or small packs and you are in business. There is no off-site cooking needed, ever. It’s not this easy with pizza, tacos, sloppy Joes or sushi. Sushi? You get the point. All of that stuff requires plenty of preparation each day – as well as a lot more cleanup than hotdogs and buns require. Here’s an idea: Start your mobile food business by finding affordable used hot dog carts for sale, and when business is really booming, upgrade the size of the used hotdog carts you use and add other foods. But start with hotdogs. They are a proven winner, as many successful mobile food business owners will enthusiastically attest to.

Cart Amenities

Hot dogs require fewer cart amenities than virtually any other food. Quality used hot dog carts for sale need a propane burner, a bread box for warming buns and a pair of tongs, other than things that all food carts need such as sinks and a small refrigerator. Pizza carts require expensive warming/display cases. Ditto for chicken or soft pretzel carts. Taco carts need multiple separate containers for taco toppings such as cheese and lettuce. Ice cream only requires a freezer compartment, but who wants ice cream for lunch or dinner? A hearty hot dog or two is what your customers will be looking for, not a lightweight ice cream sandwich. Besides excellent hot dog carts for sale used are often much less expensive than ice cream carts – and buying any cart with a freezer is a risky proposition since you can’t test it ahead of time if you buy it online.


hotdog_packageIn terms of variety, when it comes to hotdogs vs. other food cart businesses it’s about equal. We say this forgetting for the moment that other foods require more cart amenities and more challenging food preparation and storage. If you are concerned your mobile hotdog carts business doesn’t offer variety, consider for the moment the many possibilities: good old fashioned red hots, foot long hot dogs, kielbasa, polish sausage, beef franks, brats, kosher hot dogs, low-fat chicken or turkey hot dogs, smoked sausage and other delicious treats. Getting hungry?


There isn’t a food cart business with a greater profit margin than the hotdog cart business. Even high-grade hot dogs are relatively inexpensive and so are top-quality buns and the condiments you need. You get more bang for your buck with hotdogs than you do with virtually every other food.


These factors, along with the availability and affordability of excellent used hotdog carts make the hot dog cart business the clear winner in the head to head hotdogs vs. other food cart businesses competition. Your next step is to find the right used hot dog carts for sale to fit the way you want to do business – see other guides on this site for great information to get you started – and you will be well on your way to fun, success and fantastic profits.

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