Thinking about buying a hot dog cart? You’ve come to the right place because we have a ton of information on used hot dog carts in general, along with information on some of the specific types of carts that are available.

Running a hot dog cart is a great way to generate extra income. Hot dogs aren’t expensive, so hungry customers don’t mind buying them for a quick snack on their lunch breaks. Families, too, can enjoy tasty steamed hot dogs without having to spend a small fortune for a meal. For the owner of a used hot dog cart, this is good news: You’ll never have to look far to find people willing to buy your merchandise.

How to Start a Hot Dog Business

New York, NY - Hot Dog Stand

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It’s not challenging to start your hot dog business. You simply have to find the right hot dog cart and locate a good place from which to sell your dogs.

A hot dog stand will do well wherever there are large crowds of people. Your city’s downtown business strip might generate a significant amount of sales. You might consider setting up outside a busy park. A location outside a large municipal office building, where a big group of employees work each day, might be a good choice, too. Just make sure to check with your local municipality. The odds are that you’ll need a business permit to operate your hot dog cart. Don’t risk a significant financial penalty by trying to skip this step. And be aware that some communities ban food carts completely.

The summer months are a particularly good time to run a hot dog cart. That’s because most towns run their own festivals during these warmer days. Find out when these festivals are running and sign up to sell your hot dogs at as many of them as you can. Summer festivals naturally gather large crowds of people in one place. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to have a profitable day.

It’s Time to Find the Right Hot Dog Cart

The most expensive, but also the most professional, style is the full hot dog stand. These are larger than the other types of hot dog carts on the market, and usually come with their own over-sized umbrella. Top models also include hot and cold running water, a large area for preparing your hot dogs and a soda cooler so that you can sell soft drinks with your hot dogs. These stands can be pricey, though, with even used models often running more than $1,500.

You can also sell hot dogs out of a more basic push cart. These carts are smaller than hot dog stands, and usually less costly. They have two wheels on one end and a handle, for pushing, on the other. These are an affordable alternative for people just getting started in the hot dog business. You can find used hot dog carts of this variety for around $600.

Hopefully the above gave you some good starter ideas on a hot dog cart business. To get started with your shopping, eBay is the way to go.  Or browse through some of our pages to get more specific information on getting the most from your used hot dog carts.

Here’s a cool video of a hot dog vendor. Great example of how to make yourself stand out: